Protestors being held without food, water or sanitation

Up to 1700 peaceful Brasilian protestors have been taken to a gym and held without food or water for over 16 hours, including children and old folks. Two people are reported dead.

“They put two thousand people in a warehouse without toilets, food or water, ignoring the presumption of innocence or due process. The prisoners have no access to their lawyers. The result is two people dead so far,” writes Rio Deputy Douglas Gomes.

The Federal Police have denied that anyone has died.

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Videos show people crying out for water and elderly people needing urgent medical attention:

Videos showed people being taken away on stretchers:

Children and old people are also being held illegally in what has become known as “Lula’s Concentration Camp”.

Journalist José Aparecido called it “a SERIOUS crime against humanity” and called for “international bodies for the defense of human rights  to be called urgently, as there are reports of deaths that will be hidden by the militant press, just as the videos that show the infiltrators responsible for the invasions are being hidden. People ain the first Brazilian concentration camp are desperate.”

Only 200-400 protestors were arrested while trespassing in the government buildings Sunday, Jan. 8. The other approx. 1400 protestors were peacesfully encamped on the grounds of the Army HQ, where protestorts had been encamped for 60 day, as Jornal de Cidade reports.

A video seems to show a man with a megaphone instructing protestors to board buses which will “take them to safety”.

The video seems to show to protestors getting nervous, as a female voice says “We want to get off the busses.”

Busses being used to evacuate the pprotest camp

These buses then took the protestors to the gymnasium of the National Academy of the Federal Police, where they are being held in the style of a Bosnian concentration camp.

Matt Tyrmand told Tucker Carlson that “there were many agents provocateurs” at the National Congress storming Jan. 8, “doing incredible gross damage, breaking windows and such, and it looks like this is turning into a Reichstag fire and being used to clamp down on these democratic protests.”

“The camps have been disbanded by executive mandate”, Tyrmand said, “and now they’ve set up a concentration camp, where 1200 Brazilian citizens are locked in the gymnasium of the National Police training center, and it has been reported that two of them have died.”

“Elon Musk  fired the ENTIRE TEAM of Twitter in Brazil, including those responsible for moderating content, after discovering that employees benefited leftist politicians in the Brazilian elections”, Brazil in English reported. This was in November, as Natalie Winter told Steve Bannon:

Matt Tyrmand talks to Steve Bannon on “War Room”:

Matt Tyrmand talks to Emerald Robinson:

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