Katie Hobbs laughs as she signs off on 2022 election, November 5th

Katie Hobbs is set to give her first State of the State address at the Arizona Capitol as lawsuits challenge Democrats’ narrow and highly questionable election wins.

Hobbs inagural ceremony was held last week outside the Arizona Capitol on Thursday.

Hobbs was nowhere to be found after she gave her inagural address. The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson had the opportunity to speak with incoming Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes after incoming Attorney General Kris Mayes ran away from questions.

WATCH LIVE: Katie Hobbs To Give Inaugural Address At 10:00 AM MST With “Stepped-Up Security”

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The Gateway Pundit reported that Katie Hobbs was sworn into office at a private ceremony with no media allowed on the Ninth Floor of the Arizona Capitol Executive Tower on Monday.

In a bizarre moment of incompetence and unseriousness, Hobbs bursted into laughter after she was told to solemnly swear that she will support the Constitution.

WATCH: Katie Hobbs Sworn Into Office At Illegitimate Private Ceremony, Breaks Out In Laughter When Asked To Swear That She Will Support the Constitution

Watch the address live below:

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