LG MOOD UP Fridge CES 2023

We saw a bunch of cool tech at CES 2023, and as always, smart kitchen appliances were right at the forefront of it all. From smart cutting boards to AI ovens, a color-changing party fridge, smart mixers, and more, we saw it all, and it got us thinking — just how many of our readers have a teched-up kitchen?

Do you own any smart kitchen appliances? Maybe you have a connected coffee maker or one of those refrigerators that makes a shopping list for you. Perhaps you have an Alexa or Nest smart speaker/display for help with recipes. Take our poll below and let us know if your kitchen is a tech-free zone or not.

Is your kitchen a tech-free zone?

4 votes

If you do have some interesting appliances in your kitchen or just intelligent hook-ups like a smart switch, we’d love to know what they are. Drop us a line in the comments section and let us know what kitchen tech you have or something you might want to purchase next.

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