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Over the last couple of days, the cryptocurrency industry has been seeing some decent growth. While several factors have been contributing to this, the most evident one is surely the transition into the new year, which has historically been a minor bullish factor. Despite being in a bad spot for the better part of 2022, investors seem to be bullish on some of the top tokens in the space and have been stocking up on the same too, which can be seen in the form of increased prices.

January 6th was an overall bullish day for a majority of the top cryptocurrencies. But certain options stood out, and have been gaining increased popularity too, for several reasons. Listed below are some of the biggest crypto gainers today, and some more information about their overall concept and price movements.

Chiliz (CHZ)


Chiliz is a popular cryptocurrency that gained great traction during the world cup last year. It is a sports-oriented token which powers the platform. Essentially, the token allows investors to connect with their favourite sports clubs and players better, by creating stronger relationships.

The price of CHZ over the past month had been slumping, since the hype around Worldcup was decreasing on a daily basis as it ended. However, the utility of the token is now helping it to increase in terms of price again. At the time of writing, the token is trading in the $0.109 range and is seeing a considerable increase when compared to its value a couple of days ago.


BitDAO, as the name suggests is a decentralized autonomous organization that wants to even out the playing field for everyone in the world by essentially building a decentralized token economy. This protocol is one of the world’s largest and newest decentralized autonomous organizations which is focused on DeFi and is managed by BIT token holders themselves.


The token has had a rather bullish price movement recently, as it shot up from around $0.31 at the start of the year to more than $0.41, which is the price range at the moment too. Naturally, this growth is fueled by several developments within the initiative and an overall increase in interest within the community.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

As a crypto analytic and social trading platform, Dash 2 Trade has managed to gain the kind of traction that only a few others have garnered in the past couple of months. The project has one of the best use cases and is rightly earning its place now as one of the most sought-after tokens in the space.

Dash 2 Trade presale, only 7 days to got

The D2T token recently finished its presale and set up an over-funding round to facilitate the increased demand from investors, so as to give them an opportunity to get in before the token would be made available on other exchanges. It is created by a group of experienced traders and quants, which makes Dash 2 Trade a perfect tool for retail investors at a time like this. Due to this, the demand for D2T, the native token has also skyrocketed recently.

Calvaria (RIA)

Buy Calvaria

Calvaria is a perfect example of P2E NFT trading card games that stand apart not only because of the in-game defi features, but also some really attractive artworks. Unlike many of its counterparts, Calvaria manages to gain investors with the help of a true utility token, transparent tokenomics, and a verified team.

The project is built around a universe known as the Calvaria Universe, which is divided into three parts. Each part has a theme of its own, which is exactly how each of the NFT characters within the game is categorized. At the time of writing, the project has already managed to over $2.6 million and may be nearing the end of its presale soon with an increasing demand overall.

FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut Move to Earn

FightOut is one of the top gainers today, mainly due to its utility features, huge community and the concept it explores. It essentially boasts of being a fitness-oriented project, which aims to bring the Web2 and Web3 elements together, and help crypto and NFT become a part of everybody’s life. With several fitness-related product offerings and opportunities to earn, this M2E token may be looking at some serious upward movement in the upcoming days too.

At the time of writing, FGHT is still in the presale phase. However, it is very likely that the token may shoot up in demand even further, given the demand for projects within the fitness and Web3 realm.

RobotEra (TARO)

Created by taking inspiration from the popular metaverse game Sandbox, RobotEra is quickly making a name for itself in the virtual world sector. It has already gained appreciation from the masses for being a metaverse project that features a theme and a backstory, with sidequests and similar interesting elements, unlike others which only feature a virtual world for making income.

RobotEra has already been featured on some of the most popular crypto websites and can be considered a high-potential project without any doubts. Since it is still in the presale phase, the demand for TARO tokens has been increasing on a daily basis. At the time of writing, RobotEra has raised well over $681K and can be expected to finish its presale soon.


While the growth seen within a single day can surely not be the determining factor for getting into tokens, it can surely be an indicator of how the respective tokens have been moving on a daily basis and how their utility has been affecting their growth. Due diligence and smart investments in high-potential projects like the ones mentioned above could be very profitable options for investors in the upcoming days.

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