Yeelight Cube


  • The Yeelight Cube is a smart lighting device with Matter support out of the box.
  • There are three models: Spot, Matrix, and Panel. All three can stack on top of one another.
  • A starter kit with one cube and a controller will cost $75.99 and become available in March.

Pretty much every major company has smart lights now. Whether they are bulbs, fixtures, or lamps, it’s easy to find all manners of lights that connect to your smart home.

However, what if you want something a little more unique? Nanoleaf has some fun stuff you stick to the wall, but now Yeelight has a fun thing you can keep on your desk. The Yeelight Cube is, as its name suggests, a cube-shaped smart light that you can customize. It is making its debut at CES 2023.

There are three versions of the Cube: Spot, Matrix, and Panel. Spot has a light on top of it that fires beams upward to create dynamic lighting that bounces around the room. Matrix allows you to control various dots of light on the front of the cube, which Yeelight has used to make the “CES 2023” logo above. Finally, Panel has a simple front-facing panel that can be customized with various colors and brightnesses.

All three lights are stackable, allowing you to create endless setups for your specific needs.

More importantly, though, the Yeelight Cube is Matter-capable right out of the box. That means these lights will work with all smart homes, regardless of your current platform.

Yeelight tells us a starter kit for this product — which comes with a controller and one cube — will start at $75.99. Expansion cubes will cost $45.99. They will be available in March 2023.

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