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In an interview on MSNBC, MAGA Rep. Lauren Boebert was confronted in a discussion about Kevin McCarthy’s failed bid to be named Speaker of the House with host Stephanie Ruhle, who wondered why she couldn’t simply be more like Marjorie Taylor Greene and “take the win.”

You are reading that correctly. Suddenly, MSNBC wants Republicans to be more like one of their favorite targets? Convenient!

“Most Republicans are with him,” Ruhle said of McCarthy. “I mean, half the Freedom Caucus is. It wasn’t like he came out of nowhere.”

“Why wouldn’t you take the route of, say, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who shares much of your ideology, take the win, get practical, get yourself on a bunch of committees, and actually do something to set policy?” she continued.

Boebert didn’t remark on her Georgia colleague and instead insisted the anti-McCarthy contingent “are absolutely in the works of doing something to set policy.”

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Stephanie Ruhle Wants Boebert to be More Like Marjorie Taylor Greene

It is odd hearing Stephanie Ruhle suggest that Boebert needs to be more like Marjorie Taylor Greene, especially on a network that sets their hair on fire over her very existence on a nearly nightly basis.

This is the same organization that describes her as a “white nationalist whisperer.”

More recently she has been labeled by MSNBC as a “right-wing congresswoman” whose words often stir up “political violence.”

Now, she’s apparently the level-headed voice of reason battling against the lunatic fringe that doesn’t want to see McCarthy become Speaker of the House.

It’s a big club, folks. 

Perhaps even more remarkable is Stephanie Ruhle’s use of the term “take the win” in her criticism of Boebert.

Mostly because former President Donald Trump essentially made the same exact comment in supporting McCarthy.

“It’s now time for all of our great Republican House Members to vote for Kevin, close the deal, take the victory,” Trump said. “Do not turn a great triumph into a giant … embarrassing defeat.”

In another posting on Truth Social, Trump wrote simply: “Take the victory and run!”

Would MSNBC suggest Boebert should be more like MTG and Trump?

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MTG No Longer Irrelevant

It wasn’t all that long ago when Stephanie Ruhle couldn’t quite figure out what the fascination was with Marjorie Taylor Greene, dismissing her as being irrelevant.

“She doesn’t have a single committee assignment. You see her on TV, all day, every day. I never talk about her on this show until now, because she absolutely no policy influence,” Ruhle said.

“So what is it that people are backing? She has nothing that improves their lives.”

Now, she is everything Republicans should aspire to be?

Elsewhere in the interview with Boebert, Ruhle dismissed the Founding Fathers because they “aren’t here” any longer.

Boebert suggested the process to elect the Speaker has not been as chaotic as the media has portrayed it, but rather, it’s playing out exactly as intended.

“It may look messy, it may look chaotic but this is us working, and actually using our votes. And I believe our Founding Fathers intended it to be this way,” Boebert said.

“Okay well our Founding Fathers aren’t here,” a petulant Ruhle fired back. “So let’s get real and let’s get practical.”

Boebert got some good shots in during the interview as well.

When Ruhle tried to repeat White House talking points on inflation and gas prices, the Colorado lawmaker quipped: “Yes, Joe Biden’s economy is terrible for the American people. You are correct.”

Ruhle would counter that the economy is not bad but simply “complicated” to which Boebert fired back, “It was great under President Trump.”

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