While Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock was being sworn into office, users on Twitter noticed something strange about his pinky finger.

A picture of Warnock being sworn into office while standing next to newly elected Republican Senator JD Vance went viral after users on Twitter noticed Warnock’s finger was completely bent backward.

In the photo, Warnock’s finger appears to be completely bent backward at an angle that is disturbing to even look at.


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Users on Twitter had many questions:


It appears to not be a new injury.

Back in 2021 while he was being sworn in, a video shows his finger deformed then too:


It’s unknown what caused the injury but back in 2020 the New York Post reported Warnock’s ex-wife claimed Warnock ran over her foot over during a domestic dispute.

Warnock however denied those claims.

Sometimes these types of inuries can occur in sports.

Just look at former wide receiver for the Detriot Lions Calvin Johnson’s hands:

Unlike Johnson, Warnock hasn’t been catching passes in the NFL, so his injury is more than likely not from sports.

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