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  • The lone developer behind the best PS2 emulator for Android has “indefinitely suspended” development.
  • In a post, the developer says he received “death threats” and other attacks.
  • The AetherSX2 emulator will still work, but no future development is planned.

For many years, the only choice emulation fans had for playing PS2 games on Android was DamonPS2, a for-profit, closed-source app with a very shady past. This is why the entry of AetherSX2 was so exciting. Finally, you could play PS2 games on Android without supporting DamonPS2.

Unfortunately, it looks like the developer behind this PS2 emulator for Android has thrown in the towel. In a short post at, the lone developer behind the app says he has “indefinitely suspended” development of the emulator.

“Due to neverending impersonating, complaints, demands, and now death threats, I’m done,” the developer says in the post.

The announcement explains that AetherSX2 will still work in its current state. However, there will be no future development of the app. There is also a warning about “scammers” who are misrepresenting themselves as spokespeople for AetherSX2.

The post does not explain the nature of these “death threats,” but this is not the first we’re hearing of problems behind the scenes. In this Reddit post, a screenshot shows AetherSX2’s developer explicitly laying out his frustrations with dealing with users who make constant requests. In this case, the developer got a request from someone wanting to see AetherSX2 on iOS, which would be incredibly difficult with Apple’s current stance on sideloading and emulation in general.

Hopefully, some sort of solution to this problem can develop. It’s a shame to see such a great app die due to a handful of bad apples.

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