It’s pretty clear that 20 GOP Representatives in the US House of Representatives will not vote for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker.  

Is it time for McCarthy to step aside.

In many cases with the individual aspires for the office of Speaker and doesn’t have to votes to make it happen, that individuals steps aside.

The US House has had four votes for Speaker.  The Democrats are sticking together and voting for Rep. Jeffries.

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This time the 20 GOP representatives who won’t vote for McCarthy voted for Representative Byron Donalds.

Donalds was the first GOP Representative to change his vote for McCarthy when he voted for Jim Jordan in the 3rd vote.

Popular GOP Representative Byron Donalds Is First Republican to Change His Vote for Speaker from Kevin McCarthy to Jim Jordan

The conservatives in the GOP appear to be saying anyone but McCarthy. Donalds is a very good choice to many in the GOP.

No matter what President Trump or anyone says, these GOP members do not want McCarthy as chair.

Is it time for McCarthy to step aside?  Three strikes and you’re out.  No one gets five strikes. 

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