Nextbadse IQ dashcam


  • Nextbase has announced that its IQ dashcam will feature T-Mobile connectivity.
  • The AI-powered dashcam will go on sale this Spring in the US and Canada.
  • It will be priced under $500, with various subscription plans.

The Nextbase IQ dash cam is finally ready to hit the road in the US after its successful CES 2022 unveiling. Yes, you read that right.

While CES 2023 is currently underway, Nextbase’s AI-powered dashcam first caught our attention last year. We even gave it one of our best of CES 2022 awards. The company is now ready to launch the IQ dashcam in North America, thanks to a partnership with T-Mobile. The carrier will deliver connectivity to all Nextbase IQ devices across the US and Canada, enabling real-time video, notifications, over-the-air updates, and other additional features of the dashcam.

Speaking of, the Nextbase IQ is packed to a tee with intelligent features. It’s a two-camera dashcam system, with one camera pointed forward and the other at the cabin. There’s also an optional third camera that looks out of the rear window.

Offering up to 4K resolution and onboard AI intelligence, the dashcam can automatically notify emergency services if you’re involved in an accident, livestream events inside and outside your vehicle to an emergency contact, provide classification and monitoring of other vehicles’ speeds and distances, and a lot more. It can even alert owners if their car is wrongly valet-parked or a child is driving. Should you find yourself in a troublesome situation, you can voice-activate a mode that instantly streams real-time footage to the cloud. Sounds brilliant, right?

If you’re hoping to buy this ultimate dashcam, you’ll have to wait till Spring this year. That’s when the Nextbase IQ goes up for sale at an under $500 price. Dedicated Nextbase service subscriptions will start at less than $10 per month.

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