The corrupt Clinton Judge in the Department of Justice’s Southern District of New York (DOJ’s SDNY) made a ruling that protects the deep state actions in the billion-dollar fraud case of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF).  

US District Judge Kaplan approved the request to keep two large sureties in the SBF case anonymous.

Corrupt Bill Clinton Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled today that two entities that backed Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) would remain a secret per the request of those involved.

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This is the same judge that allowed the case of an arguably insane woman accusing President Trump of raping her in an elegant store in New York decades ago to move forward.

No bias here…

SBF Case Moved to Clinton Appointed Judge Lewis Kaplan Who’s Allowed Garbage Trump Rape Case to Continue and Oversaw Prince Andrew Case Too

Two sureties in the SBF case remain unknown.  There is some speculation that one or both of these sureties might be related to Stanford University.  This is because SBF’s parents’ house is near the campus and may be owned by the University.

Is Stanford University Involved in Bailing SBF Out of Jail?

If Stanford is involved, another possibility is that the University might be a major creditor of FTX.  The list of creditors to date has also remained a secret by the courts.

Clearly, with all this secrecy, the Deep State is trying to cover something up. 

Was there money laundered through FTX that someone doesn’t want to be known by the public?  Hopefully, we can find all this out.


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