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My Financial Friend reviewed Calvaria for his 231,000 followers. This exciting P2E battle card game are getting close to the end of their presale. Calvaria is currently the best P2E cryptocurrency on the market, and it is completely redefining the concept of trading card games with its unique and impressive features.

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My Financial Friend Calvaria Overview

Calvaria have been building throughout the bear market. Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a card game in which players compete in tournaments using cards representing different characters with unique abilities. The player’s goal is to defeat opponents utilizing intricate plans and tactics to gain rewards in various upgrades. Each player can actually control their in-game resources by playing or investing in the game’s ecosystem.

RIA tokens are the game’s major currency and economic component. NFT collections will add to the game’s mechanics and economy. Now we realize that this is a terrible period in crypto, when centralized platforms are going down and many projects have failed, but if you buy a token at a good price, it might be worth a lot more in the future.

They are excited to share the announcement that KuCoin Wallet has entered into a strategic partnership with Calvaria, which will allow users of KuWallet to purchase RIA directly from the wallet.

In-game RIA Token Several Uses

The development team generated the ERC-20 RIA coins for Calvaria: DoE. RIA implements the in-game “Play and Earn” mechanisms and provides a currency for in-game store purchases. RIA tokens are also used for staking and voting on project management concerns. These votes will be decentralized. The token will be the main reward for finishing seasonal competitions, encouraging users to participate.

Economy Income Flows

Calvaria: DoE’s economy is multifaceted. Instead of a one-time income from the initial purchase, we provide a service where monetized content and paid features are released regularly, enriching and complementing the game ecosystem.

The project’s main income sources are:

  • Sales of decks, cards, upgrades, and other resources in the in-game store
  • Release of NFT collections
  • Ability to receive royalty payments on secondary markets
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities
  • Physical and digital goods

Calvaria Presale Update

The presale for Calvaria is currently ongoing, and 86% of the tokens have already been purchased. Due to the extremely high level of interest shown in the presale, the Calvaria team has made the executive decision to bring it to a close at the conclusion of the fifth stage rather than the tenth stage as originally planned. The cost of 30.77 RIA is $1. At the time of launch, tokens will be made available for claim. Guide on how to buy Calvaria token.


FightOut (FGHT) – Move to Earn in the Metaverse

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FightOut token

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