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The Dynamic Island feature was big news when iOS 14 launched in 2022. Of course, such a feature is possible on Android with an app. Several developers took the opportunity to do just that throughout 2022. We found a few competent ones, and we’ll talk about them in this article. A couple of them let you do the whole experience with nice animations while others are active 100% of the time. We have a bit of both here. Here are the best Dynamic Island apps for Android.

As of this writing, there are a little over a dozen Dynamic Island apps on the Google Play Store. Most of them aren’t very good. Thus, this list is shorter than we would typically like a list to be. When we update the list, we’ll check again to see if there are any more good apps in this space.


Price: Free / Optional donation

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DynamicBar is a decent take on the Dynamic Island feature on iOS. It adds the feature to your phone and gives you plenty of ways to customize it. You get things like rich notifications, music controls, and you can change the size and color of the bar itself. That should help it match most device themes if you go that route. You can also whitelist apps to only get notifications from the ones you want.

Insofar as the app goes, it’s functional enough. The menu system makes sense, and you shouldn’t have any problems getting around. The app is free with advertising. You can pay to remove ads. The developer uses a donation system with in-app purchases as low as $0.99 and as high as $99.99. The choice is yours.


Price: Free / $2.49 – $4.99

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DynamicSpot is our favorite Dynamic Island app, and it’s even featured on our best Android apps released in 2022 list. It has several customizations, including size, and you can add a bunch of functionality. That includes music controls, a timer, rich notifications, an animated music visualizer, and you can set it as a notification light if you want to. The animations are smooth as well, making for a pleasing visual experience.

There is very little wrong with this one aside from the occasional bug from time to time. The developer seems to be responsive with updates to fix those bugs as well. We can see this one being the big go-to app in this space, and it’s very well done.


Price: Free / $1.99

NotiSave screenshot 2023

NotiSave is one of the simpler Dynamic Island apps. You open it, set it, and forget it. It has a reasonably good list of features, including notifications, volume controls, and things like taking screenshots. This one seems to be enabled all the time, unlike the others, so this is one of those permanent home screen changes. That may appeal to some folks and not to others, but it is a matter of preference.

The app itself is reasonably well laid out, although ads on the free version are annoying sometimes. Luckily, the price to get rid of it is reasonable. Most of the subpar Dynamic Island apps work like this app, where the island is visible all the time. However, we think this one does it better than those other ones, at least for now.

If we missed any good Dynamic Island apps, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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