President Trump called out the Uniparty in DC in a tweet on New Year’s Eve and then called for peace in answering a question at an event at Mar-a-Lago.

President Trump released a Happy New Year message to the crooks in DC and to American patriots who will never be loved by the Uniparty.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of the Radical Left Democrats, Marxist Lunatics, China loving Coco Chow and her Obedient Husband, Mitch, and Clueless RINOS, who are working so hard to DESTROY our once great Country. More importantly, HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Incredible, Brave, and Strong American Patriots who Built, Love, and Cherish America. The REAL leaders of our Country will always remain FAITHFUL and LOYAL to you. The USA will be back, Bigger & Better & Stronger than ever before. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

TRENDING: Happy New Year 2023 – Let Faith, Hope and Courage Drive Our Efforts

President Trump also answered a question last night about his goal for 2023.  He responded that it was “Peace”.

President Trump was the first President since Democrat Jimmy Carter not to enter Troops in a new conflict.  He knows that through strength he could maintain peace.

The gang in DC is not able or willing to support Americans.  They are on a mission of destruction.  Americans see what is going on.  President Trump shed light on all the massive corruption in our government in every area.

We need peace and the strength and courage to do what is right in 2023. 


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