US GOP Representative Matt Gaetz isn’t buying the pro-McCarthy arguments for Speaker of the House.  Gaetz and Americans want a hard-working and honest Speaker placed in Congress this week, not Kevin McCarthy.

America has suffered under the most corrupt and dishonest Speaker of the House in US history.  While Nancy Pelosi”s family prospered, the country was set on fire.

The uncertifiable 2020 election was certified in Pelosi’s Congress.  Pelosi pushed through the largest spending bills in US history.  Billions were sent overseas, while Americans suffer und the Biden economy.  The border is in its worse shape in history as Pelosi supports open borders.

America’s strongest and weakest have suffered under the Pelosi regime.  The unborn and the military are abandoned and targeted.

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The US House is finally in the hands of the GOP and some want more of the Pelosi years which is what many believe Kevin McCarthy will bring.  They say this because McCarthy stands for nothing and stood aside while Pelosi destroyed America.

Matt Gaetz was on the War Room on Friday and he shared his thoughts on a McCarthy speakership.

In response to the argument that McCarthy won, Gaetz says that the reason we have this slim majority is because of McCarthy’s “poor tactics and bad decision making”.  He gives examples of seats that the GOP should have won and McCarthy worked against winning GOP candidates.

In response to the point that McCarthy moved to the right, Gaetz shared “We’ve certainly observed that puppet show, but that’s not real, it’s fiction.”

Thirdly, to the argument that there’s no alternative, Gaetz shares that there are people like Jim Jordan that could fill the Speaker’s roll.

Finally, Gaetz shares that we need someone who will make tangible results and not just pass bills that will never make it out of the Senate.  Gaetz says we need a leader who will address the massive corruption in the Biden Administration and in the government.

Gaetz was brilliant in defining that Americans need a warrior, not McCarthy.  We need someone as strong as President Trump.  Now that would be historic.

Listen to Gaetz remarks below:


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