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Bears still control the market, but bear markets are the best time to buy low supply altcoins with potential for high investment returns. Here is the list of the best altcoins that have a chance of 10x your investment if you want to increase the growth of your cryptocurrency portfolio.

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C+Charge is building a blockchain-based P2P payment system for EV charging stations. Users will receive electronic wallets to use at charging stations worldwide. The C+Charge utility token pays for each charge. Using the app’s crypto wallet eliminates the requirement for a point-of-sale system, cutting charging station owner costs.

When an EV motorist pays for a charge using C+Charge utility token, they receive carbon credits in their app. “Reflections” will earn token holders carbon credits. EV drivers and C+Charge token holders can use corporate carbon credits.

Why C+Charge

It’s Crypto-Fueled Electricity

Multiple Platform Integration Options

C+Charge’s network and software are being built to be OCPP 2.0 compatible, allowing them to be incorporated into over 1.8 million charging stations worldwide.

Earn Carbon Credits

EV owners who use the C+Charge network and utility token will receive carbon credits. C+Charge has designed a “reflection” program to allow token holders to accumulate carbon credits; 1% of transactions will be dedicated to acquiring carbon credits that will be paid proportionally to token holders.

Transparent & Standardized Pricing

A blockchain-based network and app enabling driver price transparency. Nothing unexpected. No surprises. Price stability. Total network transparency improves user and customer experience.

How to Buy CCHG

  1. First you need to set up a wallet – if you’re on desktop then we recommend Metamask, with Trust Wallet being the recommended wallet for mobile users.
  2. You can buy CCHG using BNB on Binance Smart Chain. Once you’ve connected your wallet, hit “Buy with BNB” and specify how many CCHG you would like to purchase. Tokens can be claimed after presale ends.
  3. You can also buy CCHG using USDT on Binance Smart Chain. Simply connect your wallet, hit “Buy with USDT” and specify how many CCHG to purchase. Make sure you have enough BNB in your wallet to cover gas fees. Tokens can be claimed after presale ends.

If you’re buying on mobile then we recommend using the Trust Wallet mobile app, with a multichain wallet enabled. You can connect your Trust Wallet to the C+Charge website through Wallet Connect. When doing this, ensure that you select Binance Smart Chain as the network in order to connect successfully.

Once you’ve connected your wallet, make the purchase of CCHG with either USDT or BNB. You’ll need to sign the transaction in your Trust Wallet app in order for your purchase to be successful.

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is making the most advanced dashboard for crypto signals and analytics, made by traders for traders. Holders of D2T tokens will be able to use a wide range of crypto signals and analytics tools to make the most of their trading opportunities.

D2T Presale Update

Dash 2 Trade began its presale on 19th October, and currently in its last presale stage. There are only six days left till the end of the presale, as of this writing, 87% of the tokens have been sold, and has raised $11.5 million. Investors can purchase D2T for $0.0533 per token.

Find the full list of best low supply altcoins in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more high potential altcoins review.

Dash 2 Trade Listings After Presale

First CEX launch will go live on 11th Jan 2023. The fact that Changelly Pro will list Dash 2 Trade as soon as its presale concludes is just one more thing that has added to the enthusiasm surrounding this remarkable new initiative. This is not surprising considering that LBank and BitMart had already expressed interest in listing the D2T token.


FightOut is a revolutionary Move-to-Earn platform that rewards you for working out, whether at home or in a gym. The FightOut platform uses intelligent technology to give you a customized workout you won’t get at a normal gym. FightOut is making an M2E exercise app and gym chain enjoyable. Working out, earning badges, and doing community work pay off.

FightOut Soulbound Avatar

App users can create their own digital NFT avatar. This is their FightOut self, which cannot be sold or transferred. Workouts and accomplishments are transformed into stat points for their avatar, representing their training, progress, and achievements. As a user’s real-world strength increases, so does their NFT avatar’s strength stat and skills.

FGHT Token Presale

Move-to-earn FightOut’s public presale garnered $2.5 million in a week. FGHT presale buyers can get up to 50% more tokens. This depends on how many FGHT tokens they buy and their vesting term. During the presale, purchase and vesting benefits may be altered or eliminated. FightOut will remove the bonus campaign after raising $5 million, currently one FGHT priced at $0.0166.


FightOut (FGHT) – Move to Earn in the Metaverse

FightOut token
  • CertiK audited & CoinSniper KYC Verified
  • Early Stage Presale Live Now
  • Earn Free Crypto & Meet Fitness Goals
  • LBank Labs Project
  • Partnered with Transak, Block Media
  • Staking Rewards & Bonuses

FightOut token

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