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Dash 2 Trade presale, only 7 days to got

Investors in the cryptocurrency industry are finding ways to stay afloat against the backdrop of the 2022 crypto winter. The last 12 months were shaped by dramatic events that have largely made the crypto market unsellable, especially to institutional investors. As the year fades into the sunset, investors may be interested in new altcoins like Dash 2 Trade, which have the potential to rally as they have not been affected by the many uncertainties in the market.

Dash 2 Trade Presale Raises $10.36 Million

Dash 2 Trade presale is soon ending, with only seven days left. Investors have been scooping up D2T like hot cake amid predictions that the token would perform well following its listing on exchanges in Q1 2023.

Several centralized exchanges (CEXs) have committed to listing D2T on their platforms, with the first coming up on January 11. Interested investors must hurry before the presale closes, possibly with the expected $13.4 million raised.

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Dash 2 Trader Offers Quicker Returns As 2022 Bear Market Bites

2022 showed the ugly side of crypto, but projects like Dash 2 Trade paint a good picture for this relatively young industry. Some investors have learned the hard way that it is dangerous to leave assets on exchanges unless for a short period.

The FTX’s collapse set back the space many years back and laid bare to the entire world that a lot has to be done to make crypto markets safe. The founder of FTX exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, is being charged in court for perpetrating one of the biggest financial frauds in the United States.

Wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy are some of the charges Bankman-Fried will be answering in court. With crypto having survived the biggest financial fraud, it is time to rebuild; hence all eyes are looking toward 2023.

Meanwhile, investors have been hooked on Dash 2 Trade for the opportunities the platform promises following its debut in January. Built by members of the renowned Learn2Trade, Dash 2 Trade has come to make it easier for investors to make informed decisions.

(2) Dash 2 Trade on Twitter: “🚨PRESALE ENDING SOON🚨 ⌛6 Days remaining until our presale ends⌛ First CEX launch will go live on Wednesday 11th Jan 2023!! Buy $D2T now before the exchange listings🔽” / Twitter

Dash 2 Trade goes beyond platforms like Glassnode, Santiment and CryptoQuant to provide trading signals, ensuring that traders take advantage of all opportunities at all times. A social sentiment and on-chain analytics platform will also be in place from where traders will spot trending coins.

Meet D2T’s Advanced Strategy Builder

Dash 2 Trade encourages investors to become independent using a tailor-made strategy builder. Users possessing D2T tokens will have access to this innovative dashboard.

It allows traders to develop their strategies, and back test them using live market conditions like price, volume, volatility and other order book activities from leading crypto exchanges. With this, users can know beforehand whether a strategy would be profitable in the live market or needs re-evaluation.

Social trading tools have been added to Dash 2 Trade’s system, allowing users to share ideas. The social trading platform will host competitions such as weekly price prediction challenges. Users within the ecosystem will receive the predictions, while the winner is rewarded in D2T.

Bespoke Scoring System Promises Investors Access to High-quality Presales

Dash 2 Trade plans to offer some of the most interesting opportunities in the crypto market. Members who pay for the premium tier subscription will have direct access to carefully selected presales via a dedicated dashboard.

The team behind D2T understands that finding the best presale tokens requires a lot of research, and many risks are involved, especially with scams still mushrooming in the space.

Dash 2 Trade’s special presale dashboard will outline metrics and information needed to select viable presales. A manual scoring system will be used for metrics that may not be evaluated using automated software. Some of the metrics are the project’s team credentials, verified contract audits, and tokenomics.

Traders Eye D2T’s Independent Technical Indicators

Technical analysis and signals are day traders’ cup of tea, and Dash 2 Trade aims to help traders in their careers. With these indicators, traders would know when to enter a trade, when to exit, and when to stay clear of the market.

The team behind D2T encapsulates all traditional stock and financial technical indicators such as moving averages, bands, supports, price correlation between assets, outliers in volume, order book statistics on centralized exchanges, and even whale activity. Traders interested in these indicators will be able to easily see the relevant information to make sound decisions as risk management tools.

(2) Dash 2 Trade on Twitter: “🔔 Technical signals can be used by various types of traders in order to make well-informed decisions regarding when to enter and exit on an asset. 🔔 Learn more ⬇️” / Twitter

Another key feature to look forward to on Dash 2 Trade is an automated trading API, which will give traders the ability to create automated trading strategies. Risk profile which will help investors take more effective approaches to the dynamics of the crypto market. The idea is to provide information to traders so that they understand the psychology behind making good decisions.

The ‘Coinbase effect’ helped investors understand why listing on a large exchange positively impacts crypto prices – for the listed tokens. Dash 2 Trade will provide timely communication on up-and-coming listings so they can position themselves ahead of time.

How to Access Dash 2 Trade Features?

Users can access Dash 2 Trade on three subscription structures: The free tier, the starter tier and the premium tier. The free tier is accessible without the need to hold D2T. Although the platform’s features are limited, users on this tier can access the Dash 2 Trade market data terminal.

The starter tier comes with a monthly subscription, requiring investors to pay 400 D2T tokens. Here, traders can view advanced on-chain data and basic insights into selected presale launches. Moreover, they have basic access to market indicators, social trading metrics, automated trading tools, the strategy builder and a members-only Discord channel.

(2) Dash 2 Trade on Twitter: “🖥️ Subscription Structure 🖥️ D2T has three broad membership tiers that determine access to metrics and features linked to a $D2T token amount. Check out our full membership table and learn more about the benefits of each tier ⬇️” / Twitter

Traders pay 1,000 D2T monthly to access Dash 2 Trade’s premium tier services, which include all the platform’s features. Users on this tier will participate in quarterly trading competitions. The premium tier also gives access to on-chain data, whale wallet alerts and professional-grade market indicators.

Two CEXs have committed to listing D2T in 2023 – shortly after the presale ends, including LBank and BitMart. The team is engaged in more exchange listing negotiations to ensure that Dash 2 Trade hits the ground running.

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