Never-Trump leader Erick Erickson with turncoat Mike Pence at tonight’s rally for Brian Kemp (on stage) in Georgia.

Turncoat Mike Pence traveled to Georgia on Monday night for a rally with Governor Brian Kemp.

It should not be a surprise that Never-Trump leader Erick Erickson opened the rally for Kemp and Pence.

Erickson vowed to not vote for Donald Trump in 2016 and vote for Democrats instead.

Erick Erickson Is Latest So-Called “Conservative” Who Vows to Not Vote for Trump – Support Democrats Instead (VIDEO)

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Erickson also famously said only Evangelicals who “don’t go to church” support Donald Trump.

And Erickson urged Mitt Romney to run again in order to take out Donald Trump in 2016.

Tonight Erickson was opening for Brian Kemp in Georgia.

The rally looked like a sausage factory. There were only men spotted in the crowd of a couple hundred.

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