VoterGA will hold a press conference on Monday where they will disclose evidence that over 100 ballot drop boxes are lacking surveillance videos from the 2020 Election. 

VoterGA has done incredible work in Georgia since the stolen 2020 Election to find out exactly what happened and the extent of the wrongdoing.  To date, VoterGA has uncovered a mass amount of corruption in the state in the 2020 Election.  Here is just one reporte from VoterGA. Present Investigation of 2020 Georgia Election – Reveal Massive Fraud and Tampering with Ballots and Voting Machines in Fulton County – 17,724 Votes with No Ballot Images

VoterGA will hold a press conference on Monday to discuss their latest findings.

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The problem with US courts is that they have ignored cases raised where wrongdoing and criminal acts were evident by claiming that the party in the lawsuit has no standing.  It’s difficult not to think that every American had standing in the states where the fraud occurred in the 2020 Election.  Our country cannot continue under stolen elections where the biggest criminals, crime families, and foreigners are the winners and not Americans.



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