The Atlantic’s Natasha Bertrand and Franklin Foer pushed the Alfa Bank lies on MSNBC with Chris Hayes in 2018.

In late October 2016, just days before the November 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton tweeted out a statement from her adviser Jake Sullivan who is now the National Security Adviser for Joe Biden.

The report was on Donald Trump’s secret server to a Russian-based bank.

The report was complete lie and they all knew it at the time. And this past wee we learned that Hillary Clinton personally approved of the dissemination of this lie.

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It should be noted: Back in April 2019 The Gateway Pundit was the first to report on the source behind these phony accusations against President Trump.

Two of the reporters who pushed the lie for the deep state to the liberal media were rewarded handsomely for their services.

Dancing with the devil and selling your soul has its earthly rewards.

Glenn Greenwald broke down the history of this devastating lie this week.

The liars were rewarded for their dirty work.

And the fake news refuses to retract their fake reports.

The leftist lies get rewarded.

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