The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in flex mode.

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority


  • Alleged renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 have leaked.
  • The images show a striking resemblance to the Z Fold 3, except for the rear cameras that look like those on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

At first glance, the design of the upcoming Samsung foldable has certainly evolved a bit. The biggest change can be seen at the back, with three individually protruding camera lenses instead of the oval camera housing we saw on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The cameras now more closely resemble those on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The dimensions of the phone also seem to have changed. The leak suggests the phone now measures 155 x 130 x 7.1mm against 158.2 x 128.1 x 6.4 mm when unfolded. This means that Samsung has shortened the device’s height and adjusted those millimeters in its length and width.

The phone sports a 6.2-inch exterior display and a 7.6-inch internal screen, according to the leak. These specifications are the same as the current model. The report says that the phone will sport a high-refresh-rate OLED panel that’ll challenge the 120Hz display of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. We’re not sure if that means the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a higher refresh rate, although that’s highly unlikely.

Elsewhere, the hinge is minutely different compared to the one on the Z Fold 3, but the change is mostly unnoticeable. The rest of the phone looks identical to its predecessor.

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