Former Secretary of Defense under President Trump, Mark Esper, was weak and ineffective.  President Trump says he had to run the military himself due to Esper being so bad. 

President Trump released a statement tonight about Mark Esper.  The President shared this in response to what appears to be Norah O’Donnell, the far-left journalist at CBS who appears on the nightly news and on 60 Minutes.  Apparently, O’Donnell is interviewing former Secretary of Defense “Yesper”:

President Trump made it clear that he had to run the military because Yesper was so bad.  It was President Trump who took out ISIS and the radicals around the world.

Read the President’s statement here:

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This memo was provided by Liz Harrington in a tweet on Twitter.  She followed up with the comment that Esper was referred to as “Yesper” because he always said yes and was a lightweight.

We later found out that Esper was reportedly involved in calls with China that took place behind President Trump’s back and initiated by General Milley.  Milley later handed over $84 billion in arms, airplanes and equipment to the Taliban for Joe Biden.

Former Secretary of Defense Esper Was Reportedly Involved with General Milley In Rogue Calls with China

When the Trump White House was under attack by BLM and Antifa in the fall of 2020, Esper refused to help President Trump.  Instead, he worked behind the President’s back at that time as well.  Esper’s actions are more than enough for a court-martial in the military for disobeying orders.  Esper never should have been recommended to President Trump for the job.  He couldn’t be trusted by President Trump or the American people.

Without Consulting Trump White House — Defense Secretary Esper Orders National Guard NOT to Carry Guns or Ammunition in Washington DC



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