• Motorola may have a unique, pocket-friendly rollable phone in the works.
  • The phone will not expand to become a tablet-sized device.
  • It’s still in the early stages of development.

Motorola’s next foldable phone may be a new one in its Razr lineup, but that’s not its most exciting upcoming device. According to a new leak, that title could go to a unique rollable phone currently codenamed Felix.

Motorola’s rollable phone is different in that it doesn’t roll out horizontally to become a tablet-sized device. Instead, it rolls out vertically to become a regular-sized phone. The design choice is very much in line with how Motorola has approached foldable phones till now. The resurrected Razr series is also pocket-friendly and does not aim to provide extra screen real estate.

Keeping with the spirit of pocket-sized phones, Blass reports that a third of the motorized display of the rollable Motorola will curl up around a spindle at the bottom.

The device is still under development, as per the leak. The software is still under testing, and Motorola has not yet made a working prototype. So it’s safe to assume that Felix will not launch anytime soon. It may be a year or so before we see this device on the market. That is, if all goes well with its development and Motorola doesn’t hit any hurdles along the way.

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