An announcement by NFT-based luxury lifestyle metaverse enabler, Trace Network Labs, recently released their first product, BUDDY.

Trace Network Labs is building a blockchain-powered platform that will enable lifestyle brands to launch multichain and multiverse products for the residents of the metaverse. Metaverses are parallel digital realities where people are represented by their digital twins or “avatars” and can pretty much do most of the things that are possible in reality — work, play, and socialize.

The project aims to be a leader in the conjuncture of NFTs, DeFi, and digital fashion.

Blurring Lines Between Physical And Virtual Realms

Buddy is at the core of users’ metaverse identity and aims to be the next-gen real human-like looking avatars that go beyond PFPs and allows metaverse residents to truly express themselves via their avatars. Buddy is supposed to be the stepping stone for Trace Network Labs to build metaverses powered by NFTs and digital fashion. As part of Buddy, all fashion assets from avatars and apparel to accessories would be minted and stored on-chain as NFTs. Users would be able to build any number of avatars and modulations of these avatars using Buddy and dress themselves up for any event on the metaverse using their digital wardrobe. Using Buddy, one can execute jobs in the metaverse, buy gadgets, play games, socialize and negotiate deals with their avatars and wholly personify their metaverse avatars.

The venture envisions that Buddy will be an income-generating asset with value for its owners in the future rather than just a digital persona. It also hopes to pave the way for immersive experiences in virtual meetings and events hosted on metaverse platforms and enable a new facet of virtual storytelling. Like how google login is for web2.0 applications, buddy will be for entering into any metaverses.

Buddy has the potential to play a role in identity creation in social settings in the metaverse and enable authentic virtual representation of the users.  Moreover, the metaverse will allow its users, dubbed Buddies, to purchase limited-edition wearable NFTs from Trace Network’s BLING NFT Marketplace.

To take things a step further, Trace Network also plans to launch its NFT marketplace BLING in the next quarter. The marketplace will be a forum for people to buy and sell lifestyle products as NFTs and allow Buddies to build their digital wardrobe and accessorize their Buddy avatars across metaverses. The Marketplace aims to link real-world goods and virtual non-fungible tokens which would be minted to particularly represent limited luxury lifestyle products such as dresses,wallets, purses, beauty accessories, and much more!

What Lies Ahead For Trace Network

At this point, it’s very apparent that the next step in the world’s journey toward digitization is the mainstream adoption of the metaverse. And with its new roadmap and plans, Trace Network seems on the perfect path to enabling experiential commerce, where people can engage in various shopping and entertainment experiences along with their acquaintances.

Extending beyond just PFP and ticketing NFTs, Buddy could pave the way for how the next generation could interact within the metaverse by entirely redefining the social construct and identity of self!

With the early-mover advantage and its primary focus on fashion and lifestyle NFTs, it’s even better positioned to become a renowned name in the space.

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