As with any social media platform, Twitter continues to evolve, and the strategies to connect with an audience change. Brands that develop a bold and unique online personality can quickly amass followers and improve their publicity. Here are the best, relevant strategies you can use to get more followers on Twitter.

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To get followers on Twitter, stay active, interact with others, create consistently engaging content and stay on top of trends. It may sound easier said than done, but in time you can succeed.


Stay active on the platform

The more you tweet, the more chances you have of getting noticed — mainly because the algorithms give more air time to regularly posting accounts. Think of it as casting a wider net while fishing.

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Unlike other social media platforms, consistency of activity on Twitter is vital to content strategy. For example, the top 25% of highest-performing accounts on Twitter post roughly 12 times per week or twice per day. If people see that you have great regular content, they know you’re worth following.

Timing is also essential, as more people tend to be active on Twitter at particular times of the day. Some research suggests that the best time to post your tweets is at 8:00 AM on Mondays and Thursdays. You can follow our guide on scheduling tweets to reach Twitter followers when you’re away.

Interact with people

You don’t just want to be tweeting for the sake of tweeting, however. A good tweet is part art, science, and luck. According to Twitter, the best-performing tweets are conversational and respond to current events and trending conversations. Think of topics that are relatable and get people talking.

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The conversation also shouldn’t just be one-sided. Make sure to engage with your existing followers by answering comments and messages. Keep track of any other users that mention your Twitter handle or retweet your tweets and be sure to comment on them. If your opinion is favored, you might even be in a ratio.

Another tactic is to post comments on the tweets of non-competitor accounts in your niche. However, don’t try to strike up debates with competitors, as it can come off as unprofessional. Also, be sure to like posts daily to increase engagement.

Lastly, consider hosting or participating in Twitter chats. These are public conversations focused on a specific topic and can be a great space to flex your knowledge. Being a consistent participant in chat threads, you can become a familiar figure in that subject matters Twitter community to gain new followers.

Create unique and engaging content

Perhaps the most critical element to gaining followers on social media is finding your voice. You can do some research to develop your online presence, such as creating audience personas and articulating your vision and the values you want to promote. That will help you identify the niche of people you want to connect with. Check out fast-food chain Wendy’s for some bold and funny inspiration.

Additionally, prioritize visual content whenever you can, as tweets with images tend to receive more likes, shares, and retweets than those without. Infographics, videos, and GIFs are examples of something unique you can offer your audience.

Creating polls is another excellent way to interact with your Twitter followers and ask them what content they want to see more of.

You can always see what’s trending on Twitter to participate in the hottest discussions. Using hashtags makes your tweets searchable and appear as part of the most recent trending topics. It’s a quick way to get in front of new viewers and broader audiences.

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It would be best if you aimed to include one or two hashtags with each tweet. But make sure they’re relevant and, if possible, linked to broader trends such as #ThrowbackThursdays or #SundayFunday. However, don’t stuff your tweets with too many hashtags, as it can look like spam.

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Can you buy Twitter followers?

While buying followers might seem like an easy shortcut to increasing your Twitter followers, we don’t recommend it. Paid-for followers are mostly bot accounts, which Twitter actively seeks out and deletes. Also, since bots don’t engage, they will not increase your engagement metrics and visibility on the platform.

How can I get 1000 followers on Twitter?

Reaching your first thousand followers on Twitter is a milestone. Optimize your Twitter handle and profile, set your account to public, and follow the steps in this guide to get more followers on Twitter.

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