President Trump held a huge rally last night in Georgia, but it didn’t break the Trump Rally record since the 2020 Election. 

The Mainstream Media won’t report it but President Trump held a massive rally last night in Georgia.  According to his statement:

Massive crowd last night in Georgia even despite the cold weather, the enthusiasm was unbelievable. David Perdue, running against horrendous Governor Brian Kemp, who let the Election be Rigged and Stolen, is seeing a very big surge. Will be interesting, but why would anybody want to vote for somebody who unnecessarily allowed a really bad and unfair consent decree, but wouldn’t allow a special session as requested by the State Senate. Kemp is a disaster for Georgia.

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However, this huge rally isn’t the record for Trump rallies since the (stolen) 2020 Election.  The record was set in Texas.  President Trump shares:

We had a massive crowd last night in Georgia, but as usual, the Fake News Media absolutely refuses to show it. People are estimating 25,000 to 35,000 people, but our record so far is Texas with 87,000 people with 50,000 being turned away. This is really fun!

The leftwing liars want Americans to believe no one is going to these events.  The media won’t show it and Democrats on social media project lies that no one was there.  Compare this picture to the picture above of the real event in Georgia.  Democrats will lie, cheat and steal for power.  That’s all they do.

Liberals can’t stand the truth.  As Americans see who Biden is, the country is running towards President Trump.  After Biden’s Iran deal, he will be lucky not to be removed from office for aiding and abetting our enemies. Liberals like Biden are disgusting anti-Americans.  They hate America and the truth. 

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