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Sonos has long been a leading name in home audio, as any audiophile is happy to tell you. You can easily set up a Sonos speaker, and it should offer premium sound quality in any room of the house. This quality doesn’t come cheap, but we’ve done our best to round up some of the best Sonos deals available right now.

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Featured deal: Save $80 on a refurbished Sonos Beam

Refurbished Sonos Beam Deal

Sonos prides itself on its premium branding, so deals are relatively few and far between. We’ve highlighted the best ones below, but one of the easiest ways to pick up a cheaper Sonos product is to get a reliable refurb.

Every refurbished Sonos product undergoes thorough testing to guarantee Sonos quality and includes the same warranty as brand new products, mint condition packaging and accessories, plus free shipping.

These refurb deals are subject to stock availability, so hit the widget below to check out the offer. Keep scrolling for more Sonos deals.

Sonos Beam product image

Sonos Beam (Manufacturer Refurbished)

Play everything that matters to you with this first-generation compact smart soundbar.

Speaker deals

Sonos Move

The Sonos One is the headline act from the audio giant. The Sonos One Gen 2 is the upgraded version of the smart speaker and features a faster processor and more memory compared to the original, and also includes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

You can make a modest saving on the Sonos One, and more on some of the bigger ticket items. Here are your options:

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Home theater deals

A picture of the Sonos Beam soundbar in black on a TV stand.

While Sonos makes a range of home theatre equipment to enhance your movie and box set experience, not many of them are on offer right now. Here are a couple of ways you can make savings.

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So there you go, the best Sonos deals currently available. As you can see, the sticker shock is real. If you’re still looking for new audio equipment, we do have some other hubs that might help:

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