The Babylon Bee has officially drawn the wrath of the Twitter speech police with its latest headline.

On Sunday, the satirical outlet was temporarily suspended from Twitter for “hateful conduct” after it crowned Biden’s newly appointed Assistant Health Secretary, Rachel Levine.

Obviously, the post was a joke, touching on Levine’s recent appointment as USA Today’s “Woman of the Year,” but it is forbidden to point out reality nowadays.

Welcome to clown world.

USA Today Names Rachel Levine One of their “Women of the Year”

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Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon announced in a tweet on Sunday that he had received notice of Twitter shutting the account down for “hateful conduct.” Somehow, the post was able to remain up for almost four full days after it was posted on March 16th.

Some triggered activists must have seen the post after-the-fact, and spammed the flag button so Twitter would take action, as they are known to do.

“We’re told our account will be restored in 12 hours, but the countdown won’t begin until we delete the tweet that violates the Twitter Rules,” Dillon tweeted alongside a screenshot of the notification he received.

Take a look:

This is just the latest crackdown by big tech to silence any dissenting voices from speaking out against leftist lunacy, but to Dillon’s credit he is refusing to back down or delete the tweet, even at the risk of losing the account permanently.

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