Pope Francis spoke out over the weekend about Russia’s “slaughters and atrocities” in Ukraine. 

Newsmax reports:

Pope Francis, continuing his implicit criticism of Russia, called the conflict in Ukraine an unjustified “senseless massacre” and urged leaders to stop “this repugnant war.”

“The violent aggression against Ukraine is unfortunately not slowing down,” he told about 30,000 people in St. Peter’s Square for his weekly Sunday address and blessing.

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“It is a senseless massacre where every day slaughters and atrocities are being repeated,” Francis said in his latest strong condemnation of the war, which has so far avoided mentioning Russia by name.

“There is no justification for this,” he added.

The current Pope has been outspoken about many things.  He claimed, for example, that taxation was an important tool for socialists.

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Some within the church have spoken out about Pope Francis’s left-leaning policies and comments.  The Pope praised Joe Biden as a “Good Catholic” despite supporting abortion.  He ignores the Biden family corruption in doing so as well.  The Pope also is accused of being on the side of globalists and others pushing climate change and world depopulation.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created hundreds of thousands of refugees and massive destruction in the smaller country.  Unfortunately, this Pope’s comments on other matters diminish his comments on Ukraine.

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