Ukraine has recently been bombarded with bombs and cruelty. People are forced to leave their homes and move to other areas; innocent children are being killed for no reason, dead bodies are found on the roads, and nobody is coming out for help. But recently, Vogue has stepped forward to help the people of Ukraine, especially children. Vogue Singapore and Ukraine have listed an NFT collection to help and fund Ukraine on the OpenSea Market. This collection is named “Fashion for Peace.”

Fashion for peace is a great initiative taken by 6 Ukrainian Fashion Designers who believe in showcasing the culture and art of Ukraine at this crucial time. Fashion for peace is purely an NFT collection. The funds and profit generated from the primary and secondary sales will be given to a Non-profit Organization, “Save the Children.”

Since the Russian invasion in Ukraine has caused huge damage to everyone and every field of life, the organization Save the Children called the government and organizations to save 100,000 children from being separated from their families and being a victim of Russian abuse.

Bettina Von Schlippe, a publisher of Vogue Singapore, told Forkast, “With digital fashion and fashion NFTs they are a lot more accessible to a larger audience, and having them on the blockchain allows the user to authenticate its origin and value.” “This, in turn, reduces the barrier to participate, purchase and donate to a charity.”

Von Schlippe stated that “With limitations presented by banks and charities to donate funds from overseas to help those in Ukraine, blockchain and crypto appeared as the seamless solution by charities and organizations that are looking to fundraise for the people of Ukraine.”

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