Sen. Patti Anne Lodge of Idaho and a Democrat ballot trafficker at a Georgia drop box.

Dirtbag Republican state Senator Patti Anne Lodge blocked legislation banning ballot drop boxes in Idaho.

Ballot drop boxes are banned in several states.  They are an open invitation to voter fraud. There is even a movie coming out in two months on the massive ballot trafficking scandal in battleground state in the 2020 presidential election.

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Senator Lodge will not even allow a vote on the legislation.

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Lodge is retiring this year.

Why would she do this?

Here is Senator Lodge’s contact page.

US reported:

Republican Sen. Patti Anne Lodge chairs the Senate State Affairs Committee where the bill was sent after passing in the House 37-33.

Lodge said she received thousands of emails opposed to the legislation, “especially from people with disabilities, elderly people, and people with children who couldn’t wait in line.”

Lodge, who is retiring this year after serving 11 terms, declined to specifically say the bill won’t get a hearing, but twice said, “I think it’s obvious what’s going to happen with the bill,” when pressed for a definitive answer.

Backers of the bill said drop boxes are susceptible to theft and arson. Opponents said drop boxes are especially useful in rural areas, and the measure could eliminate the U.S. Post Office as a place to drop off ballots.

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