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With Facebook being one of the oldest social media platforms around, we are all are bound to find some old posts that embarrass us. Therefore, you might want to turn over a new leaf and remove all your posts, especially when applying for a new job. Here’s how to delete all your Facebook posts without deleting your account so you can start afresh.

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To delete all Facebook posts without deleting an account, navigate your profile’s Activity Log and select Your Posts. Then, select All and click Trash.

How to delete all your Facebook posts

If you’re using a desktop computer, first open your Facebook profile page and click the three-dot button on the right-hand side to open menu options. From there, click Activity Log.

Facebook activity log

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On the next page, click Your Posts on the left-hand side. You can specify which types of posts you want to see, such as photos, videos, or posts from other apps. But for our purposes, we will look at all posts.

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Select All–>Trash to delete all your posts. Note that you may have to scroll down a few times for all your posts to load if you have a long history of using Facebook.

You can also select Activity You’re Tagged In and then click All–>Remove Tags to remove any embarrassing posts your friends or family have included you in from your profile.

facebook tagged activity

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The process is pretty much the same using the mobile app. First, navigate your profile and tap the three-dot icon on the left.

Facebook profile mobile

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From there, select Activity Log from your Profile Settings.

Facebook profile settings mobile

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On the next page, select either Manage Your Posts or Manage Your Tags to remove things you’ve posted or remove posts others have tagged you in from your profile.

Facebook activity log mobile

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Tap All and the Trash icon to delete all posts or tags. Under tags, the option will appear as Remove Tags.

Facebook delete all posts

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Archiving a post is a way to hide it from your profile while keeping its likes and comments. In others words, only you will be able to see a post you have archived.

Can I delete a shared album on Facebook?

No, photos in a shared album that you share with others cannot be archived or deleted.

Can I delete posts I am tagged in on Facebook?

No, posts can only be archived or deleted by the person who created them. However, you can remove the tag so that the post doesn’t appear on your profile.

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