Financial giant deVere Group recently announced the launch of their non-fungible token (NFT) platform. Called dV Gems, according to a press release shared with Bitcoinist, it aims at providing investors with access to this new asset class and with digital ownership.

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Over the past year, the NFT sector has captured the attention of retail and institutional investors. These assets allow owners to digitally verify ownership of a piece of property, a work of art, or media on the blockchain.

In addition, it removes friction or the need for a third party to intervene in a transaction. Thus, reducing the overall cost of purchasing an item, and opening a global market for investors previously cast aside. The deVere Group has come on the importance of this new asset class, and its potential for global investors.

Nigel Green, CEO, and founder of deVere Group said the following on this recent launch:

NFTs are an exciting new asset class and they shouldn’t be ignored or dismissed by those wanting to seriously build wealth for the long-term. These digital assets are immutable and exchangeable, offering a store of value and potentially decent source returns.

Green believes there is demand for NFT assets around the world, and this new product has the objective of providing those investors “eager” for a stake in this asset class with access to the digital economy. He added:

There’s enormous opportunity for people to be a part of the creation of the digital financial architecture – and to give our clients access to this, we’ve launched dV Gems. This platform will help clients and prospective clients spot the winners of the future.

The platform will aid interested parties to navigate the NFT sector and the complexities of this new market. deVere Group is betting on this new asset class to have a major role in the future of financial investing.

The NFT Boom, Why It Will Continue To Gain Relevance

NFT and other trends powered by cryptocurrencies and digital assets have seen an explosion in interest, according to deVere Group, because the world is quickly transitioning towards digitalization. Payments, contracts, products, and even properties are moving in tandem with this trend.

deVere has identified particular interest for this new asset class from younger generations. They believe it’s “natural”, that Millennials and Gen Z feel attracted towards digital representations of fashion, music, art, and brands.

The potential for NFTs goes beyond and into several sectors, including sports, entertainment, tokenization of real-world property. deVere’s marketplace has brought in partners from Formula 1 and the NBA to its platform. James Green, deVere Group Investment Director said:

We’re excited to drop our own collection of Sport NFTs. Up and coming sports stars will be able to benefit from the dV Gems NFT Platform. NFTs are a golden money-making opportunity for the sports industry and also a great way for sports fans to engage with their favourite teams, athletes and historical moments. People have always loved to own sports collectibles and the dV Gems Platform now offers a new digitised way of doing it.

The deVere Group has quickly embraced new financial trends, and their dV Gems continues on that tradition. Green claimed that this new asset class will become a “standard” in future investment portfolios. He concluded:

Market access, secure storage, and cross chain interactions are a few of the advantages of using NFTs to build and reward an engaged loyal fan base. deVere has always been ahead of the trend in financial services. Our new NFT platform is another first.

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At the time of writing, the crypto total market cap stands at $1.7 trillion with 2.95% profits on the daily chart.

NFT Crypto
Crypto total market cap on a bullish trend on the daily chart. Source: Tradingview

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